Child Support

Chicago Child Support Lawyers

One of the issues that may arise in the context of a divorce for a marriage, divorce for a civil union, a custody dispute arising from a second parent adoption in the parents are now breaking up or other family law matter is a child support dispute. The Illinois child support guidelines contain a clear, but complex formula for determining the respective rights and obligations of parents.

The guidelines take into account the net income of the parents, the number of children subject to the support order and many other factors that must be properly considered when a child support award is calculated. Given the complex nature of Illinois child support laws, it is critical that parents obtain highly qualified legal counsel to protect their rights.

Our attorneys are adept at handling complex child support issues that may affect your rights, including:

  • Calculation of net income
  • High earner child support issues
  • Child support deviations
  • Tax implications of child support payments
  • Calculation of net income for self-employed parents
  • Consideration of bonus pay and commissions
  • Imputing income to voluntarily unemployed parties

We take time to listen to our clients, understand their financial situation and protect their rights. We will work to resolve your case as efficiently and amicably as possible, but we also have the courtroom experience to protect your rights through litigation if necessary.

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Child Support for Gay and Lesbian Couples

It is important to ensure a child’s welfare once a relationship breaks down whether that child was brought in from a previous relationship, both parents legally adopted a child or the couple utilized assisted reproductive technology to create their family. Our team will work closely with you to determine whether child support is appropriate, as well as how much is necessary to ensure all parties can have a successful life as the relationship ends.

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