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Settling a Divorce: Chicago LGBT Divorce Lawyer

Getting divorced is an emotional and overwhelming time in your life. At Metz & Jones LLC, we want to make the process as swift and easy as possible for you and your family. Our gay divorce attorneys in Chicago can help you navigate through your divorce to produce the most positive outcome possible.

What Our Gay Gay Divorce Lawyers in Chicago, IL Can Help With

Marriage or Civil Union Divorce

Our team has successfully handled many divorce cases over the years. Whether you’re dealing with a divorce, are fighting over property, custody of children, or property valuation, having a skilled lawyer by your side can make all the difference. Choose divorce lawyers at Metz & Jones LLC for committed, effective legal representation.

We understand that divorce proceedings can be difficult and emotionally painful. Our firm will get you acquainted with the legal processes, steps, and jargon so you will feel well-informed the entire time.

Dealing With Division of Property

Dividing up property during divorce can be a big task. The court doesn’t simply split the belongings in half; based on various factors such as each spouse’s debt, income, disabilities, and other factors, a fair solution will be decided upon. There are many different ways to engage in this process, but it’s important to have a lawyer by your side as you do it.

Our lawyers can partake in the negotiating and litigating processes to make sure you get the result you want and understand what’s happening throughout the whole process.

Custody and Visitation

Figuring out custody of the children is one of the most important and emotional parts of divorce. Although joint custody is the preferred method, it doesn’t always work out that way. This process holds a lot of weight and deciding on a custody agreement can alter your visitation rights with your children. Therefore, it’s vital to work with a lawyer to increase your odds of having an outcome you’re satisfied with. We can help you arrange meditation, negotiate custody agreements, and anything else involved in the process.

There are many different factors that go into deciding how custody rights are chosen. If the parents have a hard time reaching an amicable agreement on their own, then the courts get involved. Going through the negotiation, mitigating, or mediating process alone without a seasoned divorce attorney by your side can greatly hurt your chances of gaining custody.

Same-Sex Couples Divorce

Same-sex marriage is legal in Illinois and in all 50 states, and any marriage must go through a divorce process in order to end. However, that doesn’t mean couples in the lgbtq community won’t still experience hardships in the legal system.

Our family law attorneys are here to ensure those hardships are minimized and the process is as seamless as possible. Whether it’s specifically a same-sex couples issue or not, our skilled attorneys and legal advice can help you every step of the way.

Setting Up Mediation

An often favored alternative to court processes is mediation, where the couples meet outside of the court and discuss their conflicts with an unbiased, neutral mediator. It can help the couple problem-solve much easier and also avoid the time, money, and stress that typical court litigation comes with.

Our team at Metz & Jones LLC will lay out all your options for you – options you may have not known were possible. Settling conflicts is a much simpler and stress-free process when it’s done with a lawyer by your side.

Dealing With Financial Issues

During a divorce, property and custody are not the only factors that must be decided upon: finances is a large one. Divorced couples have to divide up debt, deal with tax issues, retirement plans, and more. These plans all change along with your marriage status, so you will need to settle your finances in a new normal.

Given that these conversations can become complex and will vastly affect your financial situation, you will want to work with a lawyer.

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It’s clear that the divorce process can be long and stressful. However, with Metz & Jones LLC, it doesn’t have to be. Our lawyers are not only skilled in the field of divorce and family law, but are also experts in dealing with LGBTQ+ related issues.

If you are going through a divorce, we don’t want you to face it alone. Contacting our law office will allow you to go through the process with dignity, confidence, and ample support.

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