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Real estate transactions can be very complicated and difficult to understand. State statutes and financing requirements can make what looks like a simple deal into a complex one. The establishment of a good relationship with a real estate lawyer can make all the difference. The lawyers at Metz & Jones LLC are skilled and experienced at working through the issues that come up during or after a real estate transaction. Whether that involves purchasing or selling a single-family home, or multi-unit building, the need for a good lawyer is crucial.

Buying your home

Your home is the most important financial investment you will ever make. The sales contract you signed is long and complicated and many protections you might have are time-driven. Without careful attention to details and deadlines, you might have problems getting a mortgage, you could lose your earnest money, or you could even be sued.

At Metz & Jones LLC a real estate attorney will read the sales contract, suggest changes, and request information and modifications in the time frame allowed. We also monitor the mortgage clause requesting extensions from the seller if your lender needs more time to secure a full mortgage commitment for you, thereby protecting you and your earnest money. We also help you sort out any real estate tax issues associated with your new property.

Selling your home

The transition of moving is work enough without having to worry about the details involved in the sale of your home. Metz & Jones LLC provides many services to ease the sale process, from ordering and clearing title to drafting closing documents, including the deed. We order the payoff for your mortgages, the survey, and the zoning and water certification. We can also prepare documents so you don’t have to attend the closing.

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