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Starting a Small Business in the Chicago Area

Satisfied clients are the hallmark of any successful law practice. At the law office of Metz & Jones LLC, we provide a wide range of legal services for our clients. Our attorneys are experienced civil litigators, familiar with all aspects of contract law, and fully capable of helping you get your Chicago area small business off the ground. Contact the law office of Metz & Jones LLC for prompt and responsive legal service.

Business Formation

Whether your small business is in the concept stage or you’re ready to open the doors, starting a new venture requires a great deal of advanced planning centered on structuring and financing the business, choosing the preferred method of tax treatment, and protecting owners from liabilities such as business and legal disputes. These essentials mean that you need an attorney who can guide you through the proper preparation of the basic structure of your business, business formation documents, business contracts, employment agreements, lease agreements, and the purchase of a property.

S-Corporations and Other Structures

When it comes to selecting the appropriate business structure, it is crucial for a business owner to separate his or her personal assets from the entity’s debts and other liabilities, such as lawsuits, tax payments and penalties, wage and hour claims, benefit payments, employment disputes and more. In the event the business fails, the owner’s personal assets must be protected.

One means of accomplishing this separation under the Internal Revenue Code is through the creation of a Subchapter S-Corporation that can separate the owner’s personal assets from his or her business liabilities. A properly structured S-Corporation, however, must adhere to certain guidelines under the Code, such as having no more than 100 stockholders, none of which can be corporations or partnerships.

The Chicago small business attorneys at Metz & Jones LLC will help you consider the benefits and risks of an S-Corporation, along with other business formation options. These include:

  • A sole proprietorship
  • Partnership
  • Limited liability partnerships
  • Incorporation
  • A limited liability company


Establishing your business is only the first step. There are a variety of contracts that will be required to establish your business relationships with employees, suppliers, and customers. With more than two decades of contract law experience, allow us to help you think through the details.

Whatever form your business takes, we’ll draft and file the required documents to make your entrepreneurial dream a reality.

Business Succession Planning

As any small business owner knows, success requires a lifetime of dedication and hard work. Unfortunately, many closely held and family businesses are not adequately prepared for retirement or the sudden death of an owner, and consequently, they do not survive into the next generation. At the law office of Metz and Jones, we take pride in being among the most highly experienced planning and estate administration attorneys in Chicago, and we craft business succession plans for small businesses and professional service firms as part of a comprehensive estate planning strategy.

Real Estate Ventures

If your business venture involves the acquisition of real estate, our firm can help with that as well. At the law office of Metz & Jones LLC, our lawyers have extensive experience in real estate law. Proper legal representation at the beginning of a real estate partnership or venture will avoid legal problems later.
Whatever your business-related needs, contact the Chicago small business attorneys at Metz & Jones LLC for sound legal advice and thorough document preparation.