Issues Affecting Transgender Clients

Issues Affecting Transgender Clients

The attorneys at Metz & Jones LLC provide help to clients who want to work with someone who understands how legal issues can affect Illinois’ transgender community. We are strong advocates who will protect your rights and help you educate others on what it means to be transgender. We invite you to speak with our firm today if you need a family lawyer who will not only represent your interests in court, but also be a friend and ally who is dedicated to helping you achieve your goals.

Please schedule an initial consultation today to discuss your needs in a confidential, private environment. Our transgender family law attorneys can be reached online or by calling 773-878-4480.

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Issues Affecting Transgender Individuals During Divorce

The ending of a relationship is an emotional time, and if one spouse has or is transitioning, it can be a bit more complicated for both spouses. At Metz & Jones LLC, we are ready to step in and educate you on your rights and what you can expect during the divorce process, especially on issues involving your children.

Many judges and opposing attorneys still do not understand what it means to be transgender. Your spouse or spouse’s attorney or representative of your child may try to argue that since you have transitioned or are transitioning that you are not fit to be around your child. Other times, your spouse may be resentful and try to turn a child against you. Hopefully, your spouse is understanding and it is simply the court that needs some guidance. Our firm works with you in all these situations. We take the time to educate everyone involved on how being transgender in no way disqualifies you from being a fantastic parent, one whom your children deserve to be around as they grow and mature.

Children Who Are Gender Nonconforming

We realize that it is difficult to be a young person who feels uncomfortable sharing one’s true identity with parents or other loved ones. We know that one parent may be more supportive of the child than the other. We know that the judge, other attorney or representative of your child may need some education on what your child is experiencing. We work with health care professionals and transgender rights advocates to educate everyone involved. We want you to know that we are available to be your advocate for the best interest of your child. This dedication has led to our reputation in the Chicago community as being a leading firm on issues affecting transgender rights.

Second Parent or Co-Parent Adoptions

Another common issue affecting transgender adults arises during the adoption process. Complications can arise when one parent identifies as one gender in person and on adoption documents while that parent’s background check brings up information as another gender. We work proactively with all parties involved in the adoption process to address any complications that might arise, as well as prevent complications from causing a delay in the adoption process. We look forward to helping you grow your family through the adoption process, and we want you to be able to do so as quickly and painlessly as possible.

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