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In my 39 years of work in the law, I have had triumphs for my clients and losses. I have seen prejudice and great acts of courage. Every year that has gone by, I have been proud to be a lawyer on the side of people fighting for equality. I have been moved by my clients’ courage to step up to a challenge.

A challenge is what we now face with a country greatly divided not only by wealth and region, but also by the vision of America and who the people are that make up America.

Wise from our years in the law and a knowledge of history, my firm will strive to protect you as we continue to stand for the principles that founded our country: Justice, Liberty, and Equality for all.

Lawyers Representing the LGBTQ Community

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A Team of Same-Sex Divorce Lawyers You Can Depend On

Whether you are lesbian, bi-sexual or transgender, you need a gay divorce attorney and even a gay adoption attorney who understands who you are and what you may be going through. At Metz + Jones, we understand gay and lesbian rights and work hard to represent these residents in Chicago, IL, and the surrounding areas. We are an LGBT law firm that prides itself on being proactive problem solvers, whether it’s a LGBT divorce attorney you need or an LGBT estate planning lawyer.

We Are Here to Work for You

For more than 40 years, our gay estate planning lawyer, gay and lesbian divorce lawyer, and donor agreement attorney have served the residents of Chicago, IL, in an official capacity. However, we feel whether it’s a surrogacy lawyer or a second parent adoption attorney, any LGBT law firm should first be compassionate, warm and understanding on top of knowing what it takes to serve the LGBT community. We have just the right lawyer to meet your needs and help you through the process of court proceedings, no matter what the issue may be, whether you need a lesbian adoption lawyer, a lesbian estate planning attorney or a lawyer for other needs.

Our Practice Areas

At Metz + Jones, we cover many practice areas for the LGBT community. These areas include real estate, family LGBT law, gay and lesbian family law, second parent adoption, estate planning, and probate. If you have a need in the LGBT community, we have a lawyer who can help. We understand your struggles and work hard to help you overcome them the legal way.

Our Firm

Metz + Jones LLC provides legal services to individuals, families, and businesses located in the Chicagoland area for personal and business matters and located throughout Illinois for adoptions and estate planning. For more than 40 years, our attorneys have been providing professional legal services in a warm and friendly environment. We pride ourselves on providing effective legal services to lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender individuals and couples.

Our areas of concentration include adoption, assisted reproductive technology agreements, family law for families without the protections of a civil union or marriage, domestic relations law for individuals in a civil union or marriage, estate planning and probate, with an emphasis on matters of particular importance to the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender community. We also offer services in business and real estate law, including representation of individuals who are buying or selling a home and small business owners who require help with contracts and incorporation.

Find out more about our practice areas, including family law governed by the Illinois Marriage Fairness Act and the Illinois Civil Union Act.

Proactive Problem Solvers

Attorney Jill M. Metz and our associates are well-known in the community for a solution-oriented approach to legal issues, as well as for extensive involvement in the community. When litigation is necessary, our attorneys have extensive litigation experience and are prepared to vigorously defend our clients’ rights in the courtroom.

Throughout the course of each case, we take the time to listen to our clients, understand their objectives and put in place a legal strategy designed to actively pursue those objectives. We work diligently to seek the best possible outcome on behalf of our clients, while striving to exceed client expectations for quality service.

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