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Same-sex couples that wish to expand their family through alternative reproductive technology, including in vitro, artificial or alternative insemination or surrogacy should have an experienced family law attorney who can provide the sound advice and knowledgeable legal representation that this process requires. It is essential to have the right legal documents in place and to follow all necessary legal requirements to protect your family.

At Metz & Jones LLC, you can be confident that you will receive the experienced, dedicated and highly personalized legal representation you require. For more than 40 years, our attorneys have been providing professional legal services in a warm and friendly environment. OOur lawyers routinely assist clients in the following capacities:

  • Creation of donor agreements for known sperm donors
  • Ensure compliance with the Gestational Surrogacy Act
  • Draft necessary documents required by assisted reproductive technology agencies and facilities, from a letter to your doctor to an executed Parenting Agreement for your donor bank
  • Legal representation for gay male couples that are expanding their family through the assistance of egg donors and uterine donors
  • Legal representation for lesbian couples that use sperm donors to assist in having a child through alternative insemination
  • Adoption to create legally recognized relationships

Donor Agreements and Surrogate Agreements Must Be Carefully Drafted

Alternative reproductive technology agreements are signed contracts by the donor or surrogate and the donor’s or surrogate’s spouse stating the identity of the intended parents.

For surrogacy agreements, careful compliance with the Gestational Surrogacy Act is critical.

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