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Small businesses are the backbone of this country’s economy, but successfully launching and running a small business is complex. Working with a knowledgeable Chicago business law lawyer can be invaluable in ensuring that your business runs smoothly. At the law office of Metz & Jones LLC, our Chicago business law lawyers have decades of experience in contract and business law and litigation. We excel at helping new small business owners determine the right structure for their business. Whether you are starting a small business, responding to ongoing business needs, or trying to resolve a business dispute, the small business attorneys at Metz & Jones LLC are available to assist you. Contact the law office of Metz & Jones LLC for an initial consultation and prompt, responsive legal service. Our law firm provides a high level of client service that has resulted in the cultivation of many long-standing client relationships.

Business Law

For business owners, determining the structure of the business can often be challenging. Is a sole proprietor structure, a partnership, a limited liability company (LLC), a corporate LLC, a joint venture, or one of the various corporate structures the right one to establish? Working with your account, our attorneys can ably assist you in making these decisions. Once the decision is made as to the structure, our experienced attorneys will assist you with the documentation necessary to start-up your new business.

For ongoing businesses, our firm can assist you with your operations ranging from the sporadic issues such as entering into a new lease to the regular issues such as filing the annual report due to the Illinois Secretary of State.

Contract Law

A properly prepared business contract minimizes the chances of a business dispute and provides guidance for well-functioning business relationships. The small business attorneys at Metz & Jones LLC draft a wide variety of legal contracts, including

  • Buy/sell agreements
  • Partnership agreements
  • Employment contracts and non-compete agreements
  • Lease agreements

Contract Disputes

If you are engaged in a business contract dispute, the civil litigation attorneys at Metz & Jones LLC are prepared to handle your case in court. With more than 28 years of courtroom experience, we are committed to the zealous representation of your business interests for:

  • Breach of business contracts of all types
  • Real estate litigation

Real Estate

There are many legal issues involved in real estate, particularly investment real estate. At Metz & Jones LLC, our real estate law attorneys can guide you through the process, from creating incorporation documents to drawing up the sales package.

For prompt and responsive legal service to meet your business needs, contact the Chicago small business lawyers at Metz & Jones LLC.

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