Second Parent/Co-Parent Adoption

Second Parent/Co-Parent Adoption Lawyers In Chicago

Second Parent/Co-Parent Adoption Lawyers In Chicago

The law firm of Metz + Jones LLC helps gay, lesbian and transgender couples solidify their parental rights through the second parent adoption process. A second parent adoption is not a symbolic gesture, rather it provides legal security in your parent-child relationship in the event your family moves out of Illinois, something happens while the family is vacationing out of state, or in the event that the parents split up. Founding attorney Jill Metz has been a pioneer in this area of law, and our legal team continues to secure second parent adoptions for families living throughout Illinois.

Chicago Co-Parent Adoption Lawyers: Protecting Parental Rights In Cook County And Statewide Illinois

Couples who are married in another state or in a civil union in Illinois before the birth of their child may be eligible to have both names listed on the birth certificate at the hospital. However, a birth certificate is an administrative document that carries only so much weight in a court of law. Many states do not have to recognize the non-biological parent if the parent-child relationship is based solely on the birth certificate.

However, if you have a court-ordered judgment of adoption or adoption decree formally declaring you are a co-parent, other jurisdictions must recognize it. In Cook County, a second parent adoption is a streamlined process, requiring fewer steps than even a stepparent adoption.

Why Do We Need A Second Parent Adoption?

Our Chicago family law practice is attuned to the unique legal challenges LGBT clients face. This is especially true in custody matters, where gay and lesbian partners may not have equal standing (or any standing) as parents under Illinois law. In the worst-case scenario, blood relatives can supersede the rights of the “parent” who is not biologically related to the child.

If the biological parent dies or becomes incapacitated and there is no formal judgment of adoption, the co-parent has no legally recognized relationship with the child. Instead, a state agency or guardian court can step in and place the child in foster care or with legally recognized relatives. The non-biological parent can be denied visitation, excluded from school activities and parenting decisions, and perhaps lose all contact with the child.

A second parent adoption also prevents a similar scenario when parents break up and the biological parent seeks sole custody. A formal adoption puts both parents on equal footing, with all parental rights and responsibilities.

Explore Second Parent Adoption With Experienced Lawyers

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