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Is LGBTQ Adoption Legal for Couples and Individuals?

In honor of National Adoption Month, November is the perfect time to look at how LGBTQ individuals and couples may be encouraged to adopt. With so many children in need of adoptive families all over the world, adoption is a truly loving way to grow your family. Adopted children can be made to feel extra special because they are chosen, and that security should never denied them due to someone’s sexual orientation or identification.

LGBTQ individuals and couples are encouraged to adopt children.

Where is LGBTQ Adoption Legal in the United States?

Fortunately, it is now legal for members of the LGBTQ community to adopt children in all 50 states. Each state has their own guidelines and requirements, however, and within each state the various adoption organizations have their own requirements as well. That being said, it may be more difficult to adopt in certain areas of the country.

The best way to begin the adoption process for LGBTQ individuals or couples is to find an LGBTQ-friendly adoption agency and contact them directly for information. There are some great organizations out there that are happy and prepared to help you adopt a child – while adding as little stress as possible. Listed here are some fantastic resources to help get you started.

A New Beginning

American Adoptions

Every Child Deserves A Family


If you are interested in acquiring legal assistance with an LGBTQ adoption, please reach out to our dedicated and compassionate legal team at Metz + Jones. We would love to help you grow your family by helping you understand adoption law and providing the legal support you need.