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Donor Agreements: Protecting Your LGBTQ Family

When growing your LGBTQ family, there are many considerations and steps to take. One important aspect is creating a donation agreement. This agreement outlines the expectations and responsibilities of both the donor and the intended parents. It is important to work with a reputable LGBTQ family law firm in Chicago...
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Legal Protections for LGBTQ Individuals & Gay Marriage

As of December 13, 2022, the Respect for Marriage Act  enshrining same-sex marriage into the US Consitution, was passed to provide legal protection nationwide. This long-awaited legislation offers federal protections for same-sex couples across the country. Prior to this past December, the laws protecting the LGBTQ community were as confusing...
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Happy New Year from Jill

A MESSAGE FROM JILL METZ Progress continues as the remarkable momentum for marriage equality has grown such that 35 states now recognize marriage for same-sex couples. In 2013, 34% of Americans lived in marriage equality states. As we start 2015, 70% of Americans live in marriage equality states. Last year...
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Single people need estate plans, too

An estate plan is the best way to protect your safety and your legacy A lot of people make the mistake of thinking that estate planning is only important if you have a partner or children that you want to pass something on to. In reality, though, it is just...
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