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No person should have to live in a state of constant fear or intimidation. No person has a right to inflict hardship on another individual through violence or threats of violence.

If you are in an abusive relationship, help is available. Contact the experienced family law attorneys at Metz & Jones LLC. For more than 40 years, our attorneys have been protecting the rights of clients throughout Cook County. We have helped many clients obtain an order for protection.

Illinois Order of Protection Lawyers

In Illinois, a person seeking relief from domestic violence may obtain an emergency order of protection, which is a type of restraining order. To obtain an emergency order of protection, which is for a short period of time, the party petitioning for an order of protection is not required to give notice to the other party. However, the party who is served with an emergency order of protection is entitled to request a hearing within a short period of time and may oppose the issuance of an ongoing restraining order. There is a hearing before an ongoing order of protection is issued by a judge. In order to obtain an ongoing order of protection when the emergency order of protection expires, both parties typically have to appear at the hearing.

Individuals eligible for an order of protection include family members by blood, marriage or civil union, individuals who have lived in the same household, and individuals in a romantic relationship, including same-sex and opposite-sex relationships.

Types of Available Relief

An order of protection can provide critical relief for individuals who are currently being subjected to abuse. An order for protection may:

  • Prohibit an abuser from making further contact in person, by phone, by e-mail or by other means of communication with the protected party
  • Bar an abuser from a shared residence
  • Award the protected party temporary possession and legal custody of minor children
  • Order an abuser to pay child support
  • Order an abuser to attend counseling
  • Order an abuser to give possession of a firearm to local police
  • Order an abuser to pay the protected party for losses suffered due to the abuse and for shelter costs and counseling costs for the protected party and his or her children

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